How exciting! You just made the decision to bring a new puppy or adult dog into your home! As the owner (or soon-to-be owner) of a new puppy, you’ll need to start preparing for your bundle of joy by finding a local veterinarian and making sure your environment is as safe as possible from household dangers and poisons.

Start by walking around your home and yard and imagining what a puppy could climb, eat, or pull down, then secure those things. Every living situation is unique and may have different circumstances to think about.

Here is a list of items to consider while getting ready.


Local and develop a safe space for your newest family member. You can put up a crate, a pen or a doggie gate in an area of your home that is clear of any potential danger to them especially when you aren’t in the home or in another room.


Most cleaning products can be toxic if swallowed so secure all of your cleaning supplies in cabinets and get cabinet locks if needed!


Do some research to identify the plants in your region that are toxic to your animals. ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center has a whole list of toxic and non-toxic plants.


Just like preparing for a crawling baby, you’ll need to invest in covers for your outlets. Puppies can lick and sniff out exposed wires, etc. Make sure to give your furry loved one plenty of chew toys as an alternative.


Hide your trash receptacles in closets or put tight lids on them so your curious pup’s nose won’t want to find interesting and exciting smells that could hurt them.


Secure lamps, bookshelves, and decorations that puppy can pull or knock down. Move any open storage, like baskets and crates full of craft supplies, coins, shoes, or toys to a closed closet or up on a high shelf.


Move all medication and toiletries out of reach. Dogs teeth can open almost anything. Create a drug-free zone for your animals.


Lock up your antifreeze which can be fatal. If any spills clean up using a clay-based litter or by hosing the area down thoroughly. Secure any liquid you keep in the garage, whether a fuel or cleaning supply, because it is probably toxic to dogs (and cats). Make sure heavy tools are secure and that small tools like screws and nails are stored way up off the ground. 


Obviously, you should always supervise your puppy. Make sure to look around for openings or weak spots in your fence and a top priority is to make sure your pool is secured.

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