With the first official day of fall coming in September, it is a great time to get on top of your pet’s shedding. In early fall, most pets begin shedding their summer coat just in time to allow room for their winter coat to grow in. That means pet hair will be on everything — your couch, chair, clothing, on and under furniture, in hallways, entrances, etc. Tumbleweeds of animal hair everywhere you look.

If you get a routine in place now, it doesn't have to be that way. Make time to brush your pet daily or weekly, depending on your particular pet's shedding habits. Catch it in a brush instead of around your home.

Benefits of Grooming

There are wonderful benefits of helping the shedding process with grooming your pet. Here are some of them:

  • preventing painful tangles and knots,
  • reducing pet dander in the home,
  • seeing signs of pet illness or parasites, and
  • boosting the pet-person bond by spending time together.


All you need is a bit of time and the right tools to help deshed your favorite furry loved one. A few of those deshedding tools include:

  • Wide-toothed combs: Usually metal or plastic, with widely separated teeth.
  • Rubber brushes: These come in various shapes; each has rubber tines.
  • Slicker brushes: Often rectangular-headed, these brushes have fine metal tines.
  • Blade-on-a-handle metal combs: Newer pet deshedding tools, such as the Furminator or FurBuster.
  • Bristle brushes: The bristles of these familiar-looking brushes may be made of natural or synthetic bristles.
  • Pin brushes: Often shaped like a bristle brush, but with metal (or sometimes wood) pins instead of bristles.

Low Shedding Breeds

Low shedding breeds such as poodles and some terriers are also breeds that tend to be kept clipped short. Their shed coat is not nearly as noticeable as that of other breeds.

Dogs who are always kept indoors are prone to smaller fluctuations in coat thickness and tend to shed fairly evenly all year.

Heavy Shedding Breeds

Dogs with short coats are the heaviest shedding types of dog, such as Corgis, German Shepherds, Labs and Jack Russell’s. Short coated dogs have coats that are short in length, but extremely thick. The thickness of the coat means that large amounts of hair is constantly being shed, and will land on furniture, carpets, and, of course, your favorite pair of pants.

Double Coats Shedding Breeds

Collies, Chow Chows, Shelties, and Husky breeds have a coat that can be particularly difficult and high-shedding. These dogs have thick, double coats and shed a thick undercoat, which easily mats into their long outer hair. Their hair often appears to shed in clumps.

Hit the easy button and schedule a regular grooming for your pet at a local Veterinary practice. You and your pet will be happy with the results.

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