Lots of holiday travel this time of year. Sometimes it is not practical to travel with your four-legged family member? Do you need to make sure your precious animal is safe, happy and well-cared for while you are traveling? Make sure you find out these things before you make a reservation.

Here are some things to consider doing and/or asking before your trip:

Ask Your Vet

The first place to start is contact your local vet for boarding or to ask for a recommendation in case they don’t offer boarding as a service. You already trust your vet and they know your furry loved one.


Best way to get a feel for the new place is to see what other people are saying about that Animal Care Center or Vet. Find reviews on your search engine browser. You’ll get a pretty good indication of the place through other people’s comments / opinions.

Make an Unannounced Visit Stop by unannounced to check out the place that you are considering.

  • See how responsive and friendly the staff are to you.
  • Witness the animals there or ask to get a tour.
  • How does it smell and feel?
  • Is it clean?
  • You know your animal better than anybody. Will he/she feel comfortable there?
  • Is there enough space in the kennel or boarding arrangement?
  • How do the indoor and outdoor play areas look?

Inspection Certificate Current

Your particular state has laws for an Animal Care Center or Vet that boards animals. Typically, there is an inspection certificate in plain view displayed. If you don’t see it, ask about the laws?

Require Current Vaccinations

Ask about the specific requirements of animals that are boarded there so your animal is protected.

Animal’s Food and Belongings Let’s make your family pet as comfortable as possible. See if they will let you bring your animal’s food, bedding, toys, etc.

Animal Care Information Don’t forget to make up a list of medications, emergency contacts, and special instructions for your loved one and give it to the Center or Vet.

One of the greatest worries for many dog and cat owners is leaving their pets unattended while they are away from home. There may be no place for your pet on a business trip or a family vacation. With Animal Care Center so close to home, there's no need to worry.

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