Are familiar with the correct way to groom dogs and know what is best for your particular breed? Well a quality professional dog grooming company does. Make sure you talk with your groomer and find out how often you should bring your dog in for grooming to keep him/her looking and feeling their best. Between visits, it is important that you continually groom your pet as well.

The following tips will help you to maintain your dog’s teeth, skin, fur and overall health.

Coat Brushing

Brushing your dog will help remove the loose fur and helps with shedding. It removes debris, dead hair, dirt and odors by distributing natural oils. It helps with detangling and eliminates matting. An added benefit is that it helps with circulation by stimulating the skin. After brushing you can use a metal comb gently to get to the direct source of the matting.

Bath Time

To keep your dog smelling great give them a bath. You can use doggie towelettes, dry shampoos and regular shampoo and conditions. You have plenty of choices to remove outside allergens, dirt and bathroom residue. They can be helpful in-between your grooming appointments.

Trim Nails

Depending on your dog and how fast their nails grow, you should try trimming somewhere between 2 and 6 weeks. You might be able to get by with trimming just the very tip in between professional grooming.

Clean Ears

At least monthly, clean your dog’s ears to prevent infection. Bacteria and/or wax in their ears can cause infection. Ask your groomer specific instructions on your breed to stay on top of it in-between groomings. If you have a doggy that loves the water, dry their ears each time after swimming.

Teeth Brushing

Ideally, brush your dog’s teeth at least 2 to 3 times a week, or even daily if you can. Make sure you only use dog toothpaste. Human toothpaste has ingredients that can make your dog sick.

Clean Eye Goop

Call your Vet if you see signs of irritation, funky smell or redness as Conjunctivitis could be the problem. Excessive eye “goop” can cause serious issues. Dogs with heavy discharge or tearing in the corners of their eyes can get crusty or create infection. You can clean with warm wash cloth. If that doesn’t work, talk with your Vet about using a dog Tear Stain removal from your local pet supply store.

Face Washing

Washing your dog’s face is important especially if you have a dog with a flat face like a Pug, Bulldog or Shar Pei. Face washing prevents smell, direct and oil build-up in the wrinkles and folds of their skin. Bacteria can build up and create infection. Warm washcloth or baby wipes work well. Call your Vet if you notice bumps, odor or redness.

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