“Dental disease is more than just a cosmetic issue — when your canine companion or feline friend has red gums, yellow teeth and stinky breath, it could be a sign of serious oral disease that could, if left untreated, lead to devastating affects on your pet’s quality of life. Neglecting your pet’s teeth and gums can cause chronic pain issues that may even be at the center of certain behavioral problems,” according to Dogtime.com.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) reports 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats have some kind of oral disease by the age of 3. National Pet Dental Health Month is in February. It is the perfect time to contact your veterinarian and schedule a dental check-up for your loved furry family members.

National Pet Dental Health Month in February is intentional to promote check-ups to catch any serious health issue for pets. Oral disease is a sign to future serious consequences for pets, including severe pain, infection, and even organ damage which can all be avoided. Veterinarians all across the US want to remind pet owners that their pet’s dental health should be a concern all year long.

“Between regular veterinary examinations, pet owners should look for the warning signs of gum disease such as bad breath, red and swollen gums, yellow-brown crusts of tartar along the gum lines, and bleeding or pain when the gums or mouth are touched,” Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. chief veterinary medical officer Dr. Carol McConnell recommends.

Prevention is the best medicine. Using a toothbrush is one way you can take a proactive role in preventing oral disease in your pet. We love our animals just like a family member. Unfortunately, they can’t speak and tell us they have dental problems like a child can. Your pet's teeth are so important. “Vets say 85 percent of canines over age 4 have some form of gum disease,” reported by Animal Planet.com

Regular inspection of your pet’s mouth is important to catch dental disease in the early stages. Here are some signs that you need to get your pet into the vet.

  1. Tartar Build-Up
  2. Bad Breath
  3. Drooling
  4. Pawing at the Mouth
  5. Difficulty Chewing
  6. Loose or Missing Teeth 

If you notice any of these signs in your pet, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. Animal Care Center in Smyrna, GA, is owned and operated by Otto H. Williams, DVM. The veterinary practice specializes in complete healthcare for cats and dogs and offers services including preventative, surgical and nonsurgical care, internal medicine, grooming and boarding to Cobb County and surrounding cities such as Vinings, Marietta, Mableton and Sandy Springs. Call today at 770.438.2694 or request an appointment.