Crate training can open up a big discussion with lots of strong opinions and feelings. Have you just adopted a new puppy or an adult dog? Are you thinking about bringing a new furry friend into your home? If the answer is yes, then you are also thinking about should I crate train my puppy or adult dog?

We can help you by describing the benefits of crate training for your new pet?


There are many benefits of crate training for your dog. Here are a few:

  • Crate training enhances your dog's natural instincts as a den animal. The crate which is similar to a dog's den is where they can find comfort and solitude while you know they’re safe and secure.
  • A crate is a great tool to help house train and potty train a puppy.
  • During thunderstorms, holidays, parties, rampaging kids, and a host of other potentially stressful events that can happen in our homes, a crate provides a safe space for your dog to relax, and retreat during anxiety-inducing times.
  • Crates help to make transporting your dog in a car easier and safer.
  • A crate can help prevent injuries and poisonings for dogs when they’re left home alone to get into mischief while you run errands or go to work.
  • Crate training helps protect your home while you out (furniture, floors, doors, etc.).
  • If your dog has been properly crate trained, it will be more comfortable and relaxed when they need to be crated at the vet, boarding kennel, or groomer.
  • A crate can be very useful for the prevention of destructive behavior. Work with a dog trainer on tools to have a dog stop destroying things in your home.
  • If your dog needs any post-surgery convalescence, they'll be happier, safer, and less likely to have a surgical failure or other complications following any surgeries that require post-operative exercise restriction (e.g., spay, fracture repair, cruciate surgery).
  • Instead of leaving your animal outdoors for long periods where they can overheat, bark, dig, jump your fence or chew, they can be put in a crate while you are running errands or working indoors and can't supervise them.

If your dog has an anxiety problem such as fear of crates, a crate may not be a good plan? You’ll probably need help from a professional trainer on how to help your dog get comfortable with a crate.

If a dog is properly introduced to a crate as a young pup, he will view it as a safe refuge from the hustle and bustle of the house. It can become a place for peace and quiet and serious napping.

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