Pet lovers - Mark your calendars with these two dates coming up in June for you to take your furry loved one to work.

  • June 17 – 21 is Take Your Pet To Work Week® (June 17-21)
  • June 21 is the Take Your Dog To Work Day®

Before you plan on bringing your animal to your office, make sure your business allows it and check with their policy. Maybe you can help them implement a new policy for this week and day. Here is some ammo to support that shift in your office.

Friday, June 21, 2019, is Take Your Pet to Work Day established by Pet Sitters. This year is the 21st year of Take Your Pet to Work Day, which raises awareness and funds to support animal rescue and shelter dog adoption.

History of Take Your Pet To Work Day

In 1996, Pet Sitters International decided that there were far too many instances of people leaving their animals at home while they went about their workday. These amazing people are dedicated to saving animals from local shelters and humane shelters and helping them find good homes with people who will love and respect them.

Pet-Friendly Companies

There is research that suggests that dog owners bringing their dogs to work offer stress relief. Animals also break the ice during tense meetings and encourage socializing at work.

According to, here are ten pet-friendly companies where every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day.

1. Bissell

2. Amazon

3. Zynga

4. Nestle Purina

5. Salesforce

6. PetSmart

7. Google

8. WorkDay

9. Zoosk

10. Ticketmaster

Take Your Pet to Work Day Activities

Take advantage of Take Your Pet To Work Week® by these methods:

·      Participate in the holiday with your dog

·      Volunteer at an animal shelter

·      Sign up for a training class

We love this week because:

1.   It celebrates animals

Dog lovers love to have their animals with them, talk about them and show them off to others o having the ability to introduce your dog to your coworkers is a great way to celebrate your dog’s best traits. Your dog may help to change someone else’s mind about how they feel about dogs.

2.   It can make work more fun

By bringing their animals to work, people may be more excited about coming and the day will go faster.

3.   It isn’t necessarily just for dogs

If you don’t have a dog or cat, bring in a parrot, goldfish, or borrow a dog from your friends, neighbors or family?

We love working work animals and seeing them in our office every day. It brings all of our staff much joy.

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