Pot-bellied pigs in the U.S. can be traced back to Vietnam in 1985 and are a domestic breed of pig who are much smaller and calmer than a farm pig. A pot-bellied pig is usually full-grown at three years of age and weighs between 50 and 200 pounds and grows to a height of 14 inches. Farm pigs can weigh 600 to 1000 pounds. They are much smaller than a normal pig and can be black, white or pink. They have a "pot-belly" that hangs down. The Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs were the pet of the '80s called the Yuppy Puppies.

Can Be Trained

Pot-bellied pigs are exceptionally clean and smart animals. They can be easily trained to use a litter box or to go to the bathroom outside. They can be trained to do many other things, such as to sit or come when called. Pigs love to be challenged and enjoy learning how to do new things.

Other Names

Their scientific name is Sus Scrofa, and they are originally native to Vietnam. The most common type of mini pig is the pot-bellied pig who is also called Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, miniature pot-belly pig, or Chinese pot-bellied pig. Another mini pig named KuneKune weighs in at around 400 pounds on average and looks more like their cousin the farm pig.

As for the Micro Mini pigs or Teacup pigs, these are just normal pot-bellied pigs that have been chronically underfed and malnourished in an attempt to keep them small. Their life span is maybe five years because the micro mini pig stays tiny, while their organs still continue to grow to a normal size for a normal size pig.


The smallest breed of pig is considered the pot-bellied pigs. Others name them as micro-mini or teacup pigs, but these are just pot-bellied pigs that are either not full grown yet, malnourished or inbred.


Their diet is grass, plants, roots, vegetables, insects, and grubs. Pigs can gain much more weight if they are on a poor diet, get overfed, and have lack of exercise. Pigs will keep eating until they vomit.

Some pot-belly pigs have a naturally "plump" appearance with full round jowls, a rounder body and more of a "pot" belly. Others are slender and more athletic. If you can see the ribs, hips, or other bones, your pig is underweight. Your pig is overweight if your pig looks like it has swallowed a melon when looking down at him from above. If your pig has folds of fat around their eyes, it can be an indicator of being overweight.


Their gestation period is approximately 114 days with a typical offspring of 4 – 10 piglets.


Their lifespan in the wild is ten years; in captivity, it is 15-20 years.

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