Who loves their cat to the moon and back? There are a lot of people and families that adore their sweet kittens and cats. Celebrate them this month because it is National Cat Lovers’ Month. How are you going to celebrate your furry loved one? The possibilities are endless. 

Celebrate Your Cat

Here are some ideas for joining in this month’s fun feline celebrations.

Bonding Time

Just spend some quality time together with your sweet cat purring, watching some tv, and taking a cat nap. Nothing like some quality time to say love.

New Cat Toys

Cats love new toys. They get bored quickly, so a new toy will definitely pique their curiosity. If you're worried about too many cat toys littering your home, consider putting some of the older toys away in a closet or storage. Once your cat gets tired of playing with the new toys, you can cycle them out for the old toys, which will now seem like new toys again! Make sure that you throw out any broken, torn, or damaged toys that could cause a choking hazard.

Wellness Check 

Putting your cat’s health and wellness first says love! Make sure you schedule your check-up with the vet to keep your kitty safe and happy. Preventive care keeps your cat healthy and lives a longer life.

New Cat Furniture

Consider purchasing some new cat furniture like a cat tree or scratching post. Some styles of cat trees may even include toys for daily enrichment, play, and exercise. This is a great time to buy your cat a new comfy bed.

Teach a Trick

Team up with your cat to train them to perform a trick such as fetching items, sitting on command, giving a high five, or “shaking” paws. With a lot of patience and positive reinforcement, your cat can have a great time playing games, getting exercise, mental stimulation, and performing a variety of tricks.

Groom Your Pet

Extra grooming and massaging go along way with your cat. Check with your vet to see if they groom cats. Trimming nails, cleaning teeth, combing and cleaning fur, etc.

Photograph Session

Either hire a pet photographer or pull out your iPhone to capture your pet’s personality in a series of photos. You can frame or post them to your friends to share in the love fest.

Cat Party

Invite other furry friends over to celebrate cats. Bring out some tasty treats and toys to play with during the event. See if these delicate creatures will wear cat hats or outfits. Capture all the fun with your camera or cell phone.


To help in the celebration of National Cat Lovers’ Month, put together a scrapbook of your special memories, create some cat-themed art, get a tattoo of your cat’s paw, etc.

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